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who or what is aPanacea?

Soundscapes to Inspire: Aural Panacea combines elements of classical, electronic & heavy metal with a flavor for popular music. The experience is designed to be consistently dramatic & inspirational.

aP wouldn't be possible without the tremendous support and ideas shared by the people who have helped me along this journey.


I hope you enjoy my creations as much as I did creating them.





A. Panacea is powered by Cubase, driven by a deep collection of instrumental libraries channeling anywhere from 30-60 instruments in a concerted, epic bit of sorcery. I've trained myself since mid-2011 in the ways of digital audio workstation engineering, and continue absorbing skillsets to this day. This journey in crafting my big, emotional sound continues to evolve.

Thank you for your interest in my creations.

commercial distribution?

Want to use my music? Firstly, thanks for your interest! I am always excited to lend my soundscapes towards the right projects. Just know some general guidelines before doing so.....

  • Allowed: If it's for non-monetized, non-commercial, non-profit projects.

  • Not allowed: Monetized, commercial projects. If the music is attached to something with potential to generate money, it won't be legal.


I don't have a problem with people using my music for free,  but YouTube or other venues may think otherwise (your video may be eventually flagged for use of copyright material). At that point you would need an official license for permission to use the music in question. Remember, just buying an album does not give you permission to use the music for projects that intend to generate money.

You want aP to compose your music? My schedule is a nebulous one, but please feel free contact me if you wish to commission an original soundtrack to your project.

Donations are very humbly accepted. You would be credited and thanked personally by yours truly, in some auditory way, shape or form!


If you have any questions regarding aP, please do not hesitate to contact me.​

Thank you.

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A. Panacea

soundscapes to inspire

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